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If you are searching for the phrase Cooling Tower Fill Material” or “Cooling Tower Fill Media”, Universal Tower Parts can help! When you are ready to purchase cooling tower fill material or cooling tower fill media, call Universal Tower Parts today at 602-997-0403 for more information.

Optimize your cooling process of your towers by increasing the surface area between the water flow and the air by using Cooling Tower Fill Media. It is possible that your fill may need to be replaced due to getting brittle, clogged, or losing its film surface during upgrades where the current fill may no longer be the right type. Universal Tower Parts offers a wide variety of fills including Drift Eliminators, Low Fouling Vertical Fill, Counter (or) Cross Flow Media, Fill Packs with Integral Louvers, and Fill Packs for wetted surface only.

Cooling Tower Fill Media Kit

Provide Universal Tower Parts with the make and model of your cooling tower and let one of our product application experts fit your cooling tower with the correct materials.


UTP #XF-7500


Fill Packs With No Integral Louver Or Drift Eliminator Flutes

UTP #XF-7500IL


Fill Packs With Integral Cross Fluted Louvers

UTP #XF-7500ID


Fill Packs With Integral Drift Eliminator Flutes

UTP #CF-1200


High Quality Cooling Tower Counter Flow Fill Packs

UTP #CF-1900


High Quality Cooling Tower Counter Flow Fill Packs



Anti-Fouling For Applications Using Surface Water



Anti-Fouling Fill Offset-Fluted Packs Designed For HVAC



Stainless Steel For Extreme Temperatures Or Flammability



Anti-Fouling Modular Splash Fill With Good Thermal Performance

“We Specialize In Replacement Components For Package Cooling Towers.”

Provide the make and model number, and Universal Tower Parts will provide you a quote for a replacement Fill Kits with estimated shipping to your job site.

What Is Cooling Tower Fill Material?

The fill section is the heart of any cooling tower. Sometimes called packing, filling, or baffles, this is the area where water and air mix to achieve the cooling effect. A cooling tower can only perform if the Cooling Tower Fill Material is in good condition, providing the greatest possible heat transfer surface.

If you have never worked in a cooling tower you may be inclined to think that the heart of a water cooling tower is the water. While the objective of a cooling tower revolves around water, the true root of any cooling tower is the fill.

Fill, or wet deck or surface, is a medium used in cooling towers to increase the surface area of the tower. This enlarged surface area allows for utmost contact between the air and the water, which allowing greater evaporation rates.

Film Fill vs. Splash Fill

Basically there are two types of fill: film fill and splash fill. Film fill is made up of sheets of material that the water travels across. Splash fill is designed to disrupt the water and cause, just as the name suggests, splashing. Pieces of fill are assembled together to create bigger blocks which, in turn, are used to create a multitude of thickness and heights to adapt to the particular cooling tower they will be used for.


Patterns in fill, usually crinkles or folds, are called channels or flutes. Flutes typically are designed so that they force the water to take the lengthiest route along them as possible. Smaller flutes are more cost effective because they allow for more capacity per cubic foot. However, larger flutes are good for dirty water applications, such as steel mills. Larger flutes become clogged less often than the smaller ones in these types of applications. Larger flutes sacrifice efficiency, but they also allow more dirty water to be processed.

In excessively dirty water applications, a bar type fill is used. This type of fill allows for much larger waste and debris to pass through the cooling tower because the fill takes the form of splash bars throughout the tower. This is the one of the least practical fills, bar type fill allows dirty water to be refined and makes it easier to clean.

Film Fill Advantages

While we cannot speak for all cooling tower fill, Universal Tower Parts fill offers a ton of advantages including:

  • U-V Protection
  • Self-Extinguishing For Excellent Fire Rating
  • Quick, Easy Installation
  • Sturdy PVC Protection
  • Highly Efficient

Replacement Cooling Tower Fill Material By Universal Tower Parts

Our Cooling Tower fill material meets or exceeds standards set by the Cooling Technology Institute (CTI). Would you like a free quote or are you interested in learning more? Contact us today at 602-997-0403 in Phoenix to learn more about the unique advantages of Universal Tower Parts cooling tower film fill media.


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