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We manufacture and supply high quality Cooling Tower Fans, Belts, and Fan Wind Milling Stops. Fans serve the function of forcing or driving air throughout the cooling tower. Cooling tower fans tend to be noisy, but there are models out there that are quieter. These are top quality, high efficiency fans that will save you time and money.

Industrial cooling towers are an essential component for a wide range of industries and, because of this, ensuring that they are operating as optimally as possible is a great way to keep costs down and increase the overall efficiency of an industry. One of the best ways to guarantee that a cooling tower is running as efficiently as it can is to make sure that the particular cooling tower fan being used within the tower is the best possible choice for the tower’s application.


Our cooling tower fans and corresponding components are manufactured by expert technicians with over 80 years of combined experience which is why we guarantee both the quality of the product as well as your satisfaction with its performance.

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Cooling Tower Fan Efficiency

In the industry of cooling towers, many tower parts and components are necessary to ensure that the tower is reducing heat as efficiently as it can. Correct water flow is critical in making sure that the fill media/ material has enough saturation and can hinder the rising heat, clean surfaces are required to ensure that scaling doesn’t affect the evaporation degree of the water, and proper airflow is needed to make sure that the heat doesn’t cease to flow in the body of the cooling tower. With all of these components playing a part in the general efficiency of the cooling tower, the fan assembly, if not properly optimized, can neutralize the positive components by greatly decreasing the amount of heat that is able to be exchanged.


While the everyday person may think that their home’s power bill can get pretty steep during the hot summer months, it is nothing in comparison to the amount of energy that it takes to run a factory or manufacturing plant. These plants can go through tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of electricity each month after month just to operate. Because of efficiency concerns, these industries are continually looking for ways to cut down on their energy use and reduce the amount of money that they are paying the electricity companies each month. If a cooling tower fan has become unable to function properly, that cooling tower is going to need a lot more energy to function optimally. Gradually, this increase in energy use, however small, can have a drastic outcome on the volume of power used on a monthly basis. Double check the fan assembly and blades making sure they are in good condition helps to guarantees that the cooling tower is running as efficiently as it can and is using as little energy as it needs.


Mechanical operations often require a lot of moving parts to work with each other and, if one of the components of the machine fails, it could compromise the entire system and could lead to damage or cease to run at all. Fan blades in cooling towers have a unique danger to them because they rotate at such high speeds on a continual basis, meaning that if a blade becomes damaged or is not set up properly, it could cause some considerable damage to the rest of the cooling tower. Most industries have come to realize that spending a little bit of money on preventive maintenance is much more appealing than having to replace 1,000’s of dollars of fill material that was ripped apart by a problematic fan blade.



Fan Diameter: 3’-6’

Blade Width: 5 inches

Blade Shank: Cast aluminum B-26, GM70B (ALMAG 35)

Hub Center: Extruded alloy

Hub Plates: 5052-H32

Bushing & Blade Clamp Bolts: Zinc plated grade 5 carbon steel

Hub Bushing: Ductile iron


Fan Diameter: 3.5’-8′

Blade Width: 7 inches

Blade Shank: Cast aluminum B-26, SGO7a (356-T6)

Hub Center: Extruded alloy

Hub Plates: 5052-H32

Bushing & Blade Clamp Bolts: Zinc plated grade 5 carbon steel

Hub Bushing: Ductile iron


Fan Series: 12F15, 12F24, 12F33, 12F45

Fan Diameter: 4’-8’, 5′-14’, 6′-15’, 7′-20′

Dim. A: 15, 24, 33, 45

Dim. C: 4-1/16, 6-5/16, 6-5/16, 6-5/16

Dim. D: 2-3/4, 3-1/4, 3-1/4, 3-1/4


Low Cost: The unique design provides an economical solution to wear and damage on cooling tower fans and drive line components that are the result of starting while the mechanical components have been wind milling backwards.

Ease of Installation: Bolts to the threaded holes in the flange of E, F or J type QD bushings making installation quick and easy with no special parts or tools required. An installation kit is included providing all the material necessary for normal installations.

Trusted Engineering: Delivers years of reliable service in applications around the world solving problems where high winds produced excessive wind milling of fans in reverse. To find out more about how it could benefit you, contact Universal Tower Parts today.


 Fan Belts Available for the Following Series:

  • 1B100 / 1B103 / 1B105 /1B108 / 1B112 / 1B96 / 1B97 / 1B98 / 1B99 / 1B120 / 1B124 / 1B128 / 1B133 / 1B136 / 1B140 / 1B144 / 1B148 / 1B150 / 1B158 / 1B72 / 1B74 / 1B75 / 1B77 / 1B79 / 1B80 / 1B81 / 1B83 / 1B85 / 1B87 / 1B88 / 1B90 / 1B91 / 1B92 / 1B93 / 1B94 / 1B95
  • 2B103 /2B105 / 2B11 / 22B114 / 2B115 / 2B118 / 2B120 / 2B124 / 2B126 / 2B128 / 2B130 / 2B133 / 2B140 / 2B 148 / 2B162 / 2B95 2B97 / 2B133 / 2B148
  • 3B133 / 3B148 / 3B154 / 3B162
  • 4B144 / 4B148 / 4B162
  • 5B133 / 5B140 / 5B148 / 5B154 / 5B162 5B173
  • 6B136 / 6B140 / 6B148 / 6B158 / 6B173

Cooling Tower Fan blades can be painted at an additional cost – All Cooling Tower Fans are of the highest level of engineering and quality.


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