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We Are A Manufacturer And Supplier Of Cooling Tower Belts, Bearings, Sheaves, Bushings, Fans, Fan Wheels, And More!

Are you looking for specific mechanical parts for your cooling tower? Look no further than Universal Tower Parts. Our cooling tower mechanical parts are precision-engineered to offer the most reliable product available. While previous suppliers might have offered an initial savings, but with cheap mechanical parts, you are only lowering the performance – and losing important FM & CTI Ratings. Universal Tower Parts provides the durability you need because we only offer parts exclusively for cooling towers.

Your plant relies on your cooling towers performance, it its extremely important to buy the highest quality mechanical parts available. Universal Tower Parts has you covered, call us at 602-997-0403 for more information or for a free quote.


Various Sizes & Types Available with Most Items In-Stock. Call Us Today For Pricing!

Pillow Block Bearings
Sheaves & Bearings
Fan Belts
Fan Wheels

Pillow Block Bearing Sizes Include:

NAP30927 1-11/16” | NAP3115 2-3/16” | UCPX1135 2-3/16” | NAP30723 1-7/16” | EAPK20723FP9 1-7/16” |
NAP21443 2-11/16” | NAPK20723 1-7/16” | NAPK20927 1-11/16” | EAPK21135 2-3/16”