VS2-EX Vibration Switch


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VS2-EX Vibration Switch

The VS2EX Series switches are shock sensitive mechanisms for shutdown of engine or electric motor powered equipment. These switches use a magnetic latch to ensure reliable operation. The VS2EX has a base mounted case, explosion-proof aluminum alloy housing; meets NEMA 7/IP50 specifications; Class I, Division I, Groups C & D; UL and CSA listed with 480 VAC rating. In place of the leaf-type contacts, 2-SPDT snap-switches are used in this model. Sensitivity is externally adjustable and, when tripped, the VS2EX gives a Tattletale indication on the reset button.

Ideal for use on engines, pumps, compressors, heat ex changers and pumping units – the VS2 can be used anywhere shutdown protection from damaging shock/vibration is desired. Switches are field adjustable to sensitivity required in each application

  • C-Clamp Installation (VS2C model only)
  • A C-Clamp is supplied with the VS2C model only. The C-Clamp is shipped installed on the VS2C but may optionally be installed on the VS2EX and VS2EXR switches.
  • The C-Clamp (B) will already be installed on a ¼ in. (6mm) thick steel mounting plate. (A). Bolt the VS2EX and/or VS2EXR switch to the mounting plate as illustrated – with four 5/16 in bolts, nuts and washers.
  • The mounting location should provide convenient access to the TATTLETALE® push button (C).